--- VOR 60' --- :
What better technological showcase than the competitive ocean race par excellence?
ISOTOP's own small contribution to ILLBRUCK's victory showed the expertise it applies when manufacturing parts that are subjected to the harshest of challenges. We intend to put this incomparable experience to use when designing and creating all our products, whether for nautical or non-nautical applications. ILLBRUCK and TEAM SEB have cut their way across the oceans with rudders made by ISOTOP.
--- COURSE/CROISIERE --- : --- ROUTE DU RHUM --- :  
We are proud to have equipped the largest, European-built fast cruise boat: the BALTIC 147', the latest design from the BALTIC YACHTS shipyard, which has once again placed its trust in ISOTOP, asking us to manufacture the rudder blade for the future BALTIC 140'. The latest generation of monohull and multihull boats competing in the 2002 Route du Rhum race are equipped with fittings - centreboards, foils, rudder blades - designed and manufactured in our workshops.